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Answering the call: The 2010 inventory of Canadian university programs and services for Aboriginal students [Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, AUCC]

Ch'nook Indigenous Business Education
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“On January 28th and 29th,2010,fifteen university presidents attended a workshop on Aboriginal higher education, convened by AUCC in Toronto. Both AUCC and university presidents recognize there is a critical window to address the challenges of Aboriginal access to higher education and all have a widely shared commitment to improvement. The day-and-a-half workshop attracted more than 30 participants including Assembly of First Nations’ National Chief, Shawn Atleo, CEO of the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, Roberta Jamieson, and President of Environics Research Group Limited, Michael Adams. The group considered several case studies and discussed the challenges of Aboriginal access to higher education incorporating the experiences of colleagues and visitors. The workshop produced a broad perspective of the most difficult issues and strengthened participants’ commitment toward additional steps to increase accessibility and improve Aboriginal success. The present inventory is one more tool to assist in improving access to higher education for Canadian Aboriginals.”


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