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Critical Success Factors in the First Nations Fishery of Atlantic Canada: Mi'kmaq and Maliseet Perceptions [Atlantic Aboriginal Economic Development Integrated Research Program, AAEDIRP]

Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Cheifs Secretariate (APC)
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This project attempts to identify and examine the critical factors for success in a comparison of the different First Nations in Atlantic Canada engaged in the commercial fisheries who received funding as a result of the Marshall decision. The study brings together the voices of 90 Mi'kmaq and Maliseet fishers and fisheries coordinators, documenting what they see as successes and areas for improvement in the First Nations fishery in Atlantic Canada. This is the first time that the insight of First Nations fishers has been brought together to create qualitative evidence and baseline data on these issues. The research team was composed of researchers from Memorial University and the Mawiw Council. The 90 interviews took place in 11 First Nations communities - in fisheries offices, fishing sheds, homes and on wharves. A community based, participatory approach was used for the study and both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal researchers built capacity in terms of how to learn from and work with each other.

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