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Fostering Indigenous Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of the Membertou First Nation, Nova Scotia, Canada [Center for Indigenous Economic Development and Entrepreneurship, CIEDE]

Center for Indigenous Economic Development and Entrepreneurship (CIEDE)
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"What are the important factors that foster an environment for investment and entrepreneurship in Indigenous1 communities? Can these fostering factors, and those that hinder investment and entrepreneurship, be identified and generalized across communities and diverse cultures? If so, can the conditions that have been created within successful Canadian Indigenous communities, communities that foster the development and growth of entrepreneurial ventures, be recreated by other Indigenous nations? These questions form a small part of a research project being undertaken by the authors to explore Indigenous entrepreneurship in search of insight into the questions—what is Indigenous entrepreneurship, why do certain communities succeed at it, and what can be generalized from the success of certain successful Canadian Indigenous communities."


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