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Getting Started in Business - The information you need to know to start your business on the right foot [Centre for Women in Business]

Centre for Women in Business
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This guide directs the reader to links on the following topics: Is your business idea feasible? Will it be successful? Forms of a Business Organization, Start-up Funds, Business Plan, Bank Account, Register Your Business Name, Municipal and Provincial, Regulations, Licenses & Inspections, Is the location of your business zoned, Proprietary Rights, Canada Customs & Revenue Agency (CRA), Partnership Agreement, Direct Seller’s License, Accounting, Business Occupancy Tax, Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), Labeling & Packaging of Non-Food Products, Interest on Overdue Accounts Receivable, Labeling & Packaging of Food, Products, Pricing, Product/Service Name, Copyright or Patent, Labour Standards, Health & Safety Policy, Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation.


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