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Interested First Nations - Land Management [Lands Advisory Board Resource Center, LABRC]

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The purpose of the Framework Agreement was to recognize the inherent right of First Nations to resume control over their lands and resources for the use and benefit of their members without Government interference, by replacing the land provisions of the Indian Act with First Nation made laws.

The Framework Agreement provides First Nations with the option to govern their reserve lands outside the Indian Act. The option to regain control of their lands and resources can only be undertaken with the consent of the community.

A signatory First Nation to the Framework Agreement creates its own land code, community ratification process, and enters into an Individual Agreement with Canada.

Once the Land Code and Individual Agreement are approved by the community, the land management provisions of the Indian Act cease to apply. The Minister of Indigenous Services Canada will no longer be involved in the day-to-day management of the First Nation’s reserve lands. The Land Code does not have to be approved by the Minister.

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