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Program: How do the Programs Work? [Maritime College of Forest Technology, MCFT]

Maritime College of Forest Technology (MCFT)
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All students entering MCFT are enrolled in the Forest Technology program. This program takes place over two years and includes a paid summer work term between year one and two. Upon completion successful students will obtain a Diploma in Forest Technology. Any student who chooses to pursue the Advanced Diploma will have to opt into the program while in the second semester of their first year of studies if they wish to complete the Advanced Diploma within two years. During these two years of study Advanced Diploma students will be subject to both Forest Technology courses and the designated Fish & Wildlife courses including both summer and winter field camps. Any student entering MCFT looking to pursue the Advanced Diploma will also have the option to complete it over a three year period. Upon completion successful students will receive an Advanced Diploma in Forest and Fish & Wildlife Technology.


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