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Working Effectively With Indigenous Peoples® [Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.]

Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.
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Are you looking for training to help you get beyond awareness in your work with Indigenous Peoples? What if you had a safe environment in which to ask questions and get the help you need?

What are your key challenges?
Indigenous Awareness
Understanding how history impacts Indigenous Peoples
Understanding how current Indigenous issues impact Indigenous communities
Understanding Indigenous self-government
Understanding the constitutional, political and legal context of Indigenous issues
Understanding how Indigenous and western world views impact decision-making

Indigenous Relations
Understanding how to cultivate Indigenous relationships
Understanding business reasons for work with Indigenous Peoples
How to being to consult with Indigenous Peoples
Fear of saying or doing the wrong thing
How to manage risk when cultivating Indigenous relationships

Who should take this course?
Those new to & those experienced in Indigenous relations
Federal, provincial, regional, municipal government staff
Consultants, human resources, service industry
Resource, construction sectors
Senior executives, managers and board members
Health care practitioners, educators,
Lawyers, justice, police, media, retail

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