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Aboriginals as Unwilling Immigrants: Contact, Assimilation and Labour Market Outcomes [Journal of Population Economics]

Journal of Population Economics
Year of publication: 

"Like immigrants, aboriginal populations' economic success may be enhanced by the acquisition of skills and traits appropriate to the "majority" culture in which they reside. Using 1991 Canadian Census data, we show that Aboriginal labour market success is greater for Aboriginals whose ancestors intermarried with non-Aboriginals, for those who live off Indian reserves, and for those who live outside the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Citizens Plus: Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian State [University of British Columbia Press, UBCPress]

University of British Columbia Press (UBCPress)
Year of publication: 

"In Citizens Plus, Alan Cairns unravels the historical record to clarify the current impasse in negotiations between Aboriginal peoples and the state. He considers the assimilationist policy assumptions of the imperial era, examines more recent government initiatives, and analyzes the emergence of the nation-to-nation paradigm given massive support by the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. "

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