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Vanishing Voices: The Extinction of the World's Languages [Daniel Nettle, Suzanne Romaine]

Year of publication: 

“A dramatic account of the rate of language extinction, and how it endangers the future of biodiversity.”

Lessons from Abroad: Towards a New Social Model for Canada's Aboriginal Peoples [Martin Papillon and Gina Cosentino]

Canadian Policy Research Networks Inc.
Year of publication: 

“This paper compares the welfare conditions, policy challenges and opportunities for Aboriginal peoples in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Our objective is to point to some of the common challenges facing Aboriginal social policies in different countries. What can we learn from experiences elsewhere to build Canada’s social knowledge as it relates to Aboriginal peoples?”

Brave Spirits on New Paths: Toward a Globally Relevant Paradigm of Indigenous Entrepreneurship Research [Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, JSBE]

Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Year of publication: 

"This is the first study in a series aimed at strengthening research in the emerging field of Indigenous entrepreneurship. A literature survey revealed two dominant themes: the need to reconcile tradition with innovation and the need to understand how Indigenous world-views and values impact upon enterprise. Four relevant theoretical contexts guided an empirical investigation employing depth interviews with 40 selected opinion leaders representing two cultures: Indigenous Australian and American Indian.

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