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The Contribution of Broadband to the Economic Development of First Nations in Canada [Centre for the Study of Living, CSLS]

Centre for the Study of Living
Year of publication: 

“This report represents a first attempt at estimating the impact of broadband on economic development and job creation in First Nations reserves in Canada using econometric techniques. The report offers an up-to-date overview on the state of broadband availability in First Nations reserves, providing both national and provincial breakdowns of the data. It also details the main findings of the literature on the effect of broadband on economic development.”

Digital Divides and the 'First Mile': Framing First Nations Broadband Development in Canada [International Indigenous Policy Journal]

International Indigenous Policy Journal (IIPJ)
Year of publication: 

"Across Canada, rural and remote First Nations face a significant 'digital divide'. As self-determining autonomous nations in Canada, these communities are building broadband systems to deliver public services to their members and residents. To address this challenge, First Nations are working towards a variety of innovative, locally driven broadband development initiatives. This paper contributes a theoretical discussion that frames our understanding of these initiatives by drawing on the paradigm of the 'First Mile' (Paisley & Richardson, 1998).

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