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Climate Change

Impacts of Climate Change on First Nation Economies [Assembly of First Nations, AFN]

Assembly of First Nations (AFN)
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"This report will examine the unique economic impacts of climate change in First Nations subsistence and income-generating economies. It will also discuss the economic realities in first Nations and how they relate to the ability or inability of a community to respond to climate changes."

Aquatic Resources [St. Francis Xavier University, St.FX]

St. Francis Xavier University (St.FX)
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Welcome to Aquatic Resources at StFX – an interdisciplinary studies program – focused on water, environment and sustainability – offered in Sciences or Arts. Located in a community nestled along Canada’s rugged Atlantic coastline, this program provides hands-on learning that explores water (freshwater and marine) resources, aquatic life, climate change, policy, and the complexities of human-ecosystem interactions.

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