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First Nations Communities at Risk and in Crisis: Justice and Security [Wanda D. McCaslin and Yvonne Boyer]

Journal of Aboriginal Health
Year of publication: 

“This paper argues that colonialism is far too often overlooked or dismissed in designing security and justice remedies in First Nation communities.”

Indigenous entrepreneurship as a research field: Developing a definitional framework from the emerging canon [International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal]

International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal
Year of publication: 

"This study defines Indigenous entrepreneurship as a distinct disciplinary field of science and charts for it a pre-paradigmatic framework. A strategy of literature search and examination was utilized to argue that Indigenous entrepreneurship is sufficiently distinguished from both mainstream entrepreneurship and other social and management sciences to constitute a legitimate, well-defined sub-field of research in its own right. The study provides both a formal definition of the field and diagrammatic framework to describe it. "

Citizens Plus: Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian State [University of British Columbia Press, UBCPress]

University of British Columbia Press (UBCPress)
Year of publication: 

"In Citizens Plus, Alan Cairns unravels the historical record to clarify the current impasse in negotiations between Aboriginal peoples and the state. He considers the assimilationist policy assumptions of the imperial era, examines more recent government initiatives, and analyzes the emergence of the nation-to-nation paradigm given massive support by the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. "

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