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Comprehensive Community Planning

Comprehensive Community Planning Training Program [Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources, CIER]

Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER)
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"The training and collaborative planning process spanned 18 months. CIER provided four, week-long training sessions in Winnipeg on the key steps, process, and methods of the planning process. These training sessions occurred approximately every 4 months. During the interim, the First Nation planners participating in the project worked with their communities on the relevant steps (e.g. developing a community vision; determining priorities; etc.). CIER provided remote, and in-community support during these months as needed."

Comprehensive Community Planning: Experiences in Aboriginal Communities [Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, CMHC]

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)
Year of publication: 

"A summary of the community planning experiences of some First Nations, Inuit and Northern communities across Canada. Although their circumstances were different, all the communities were faced with a need for significant change that required comprehensive thinking and planning for the future. Using a case study approach, the knowledge and experience of 30 communities can be shared with others who may face similar challenges."

An Introduction to Comprehensive Community Planning in First Nations [Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada, AFOA]

Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada (AFOA)

"This course focuses on best practices and case studies in Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) and covers the history and evolution of CCP; exploring indigenous principles; and current models and insights from First Nations who have completed CCP."

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