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Certificate Courses - Diversity Training-Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace [Native Education and Training College, NETC]

Native Education and Training College

“Diversity training can help to eliminate communication barriers, while boosting your team’s confidence and self-awareness. Our gender, our sexual orientation, our religion, our ethnic background, and our disabilities come together to form our identities. Managers of successful organizations have embraced the concept of individualism; the differences that exist between every employee. Diversity training has become an essential ingredient of business management. In this course, organizational managers are provided with information about celebrating diversity in their workplace.

Vanishing Voices: The Extinction of the World's Languages [Daniel Nettle, Suzanne Romaine]

Year of publication: 

“A dramatic account of the rate of language extinction, and how it endangers the future of biodiversity.”

Urgent Need, Serious Opportunity: Towards a New Social Model for Canada's Aboriginal Peoples [Frances Abele]

Canadian Policy Research Networks
Year of publication: 

“This report highlights some of the key issues that arise in considering the needs and aspirations of Aboriginal people in the development of a new social architecture for Canada. It aims to provide empirical information and some pointed questions, to support the discussion among Aboriginal peoples and the rest of Canada of their common future. The analysis attempts to respect the diversity of circumstances and interests of First Nations, Metis and Inuit across Canada.”

Economic Diversification and Growth Enterprises [Canada Business Network, CBN]

Government of Canada
Year of publication: 

If you establish or expand your business in Newfoundland and Labrador, particularly rural areas, you may be eligible for ten to fifteen years of 100% rebate on provincial corporate income tax and 50% rebate on federal corporate income tax.

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