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Ecotourists and Indigenous Hosts: Diverging Views on Their Relationship With Nature [Current Issues in Tourism]

Current Issues in Tourism
Year of publication: 

"Despite the initial impression that ecotourists are an ideal market for indigenous tourism developers, a closer examination suggests that these groups do not necessarily share similar views of the relationship between humans and nature. Conflict is likely to arise between these groups unless a greater understanding of these differences is achieved and successfully used in the planning and management of indigenous tourism developments."

The role of ecotourism in Aboriginal community development : the case of Lennox Island First Nation [Acadia University]

Acadia University
Year of publication: 

"""Aboriginal tourism is a form of community development that can benefit First Nations in various dimensions. Given that many Aboriginal communities have a distinct

Tourist and Host Perspectives on Mi'kmaw Cultural Tourism in Nova Scotia [Dalhousie University]

Dalhousie University
Year of publication: 

"This research examines the Mi'kmaw cultural tourism industry in Nova Scotia and identifies how it is meeting the demands and- needs of both tourists and the Mi'kmaw people. Surveys assessed tourist interests, motivations, expectations, and satisfaction in participating in authentic Mi'kmaw tourism. Subsequently, interviews with Mi'kmaw people involved or interested in Mi'kmaw cultural tourism elicited ideas about cultural tourism development and its future sustainability.

Indigenous perspectives on ecotourism development: a British Columbia case study [Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy

Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy
Year of publication: 

"The purpose of this research is to examine Gitga'at First Nation approaches and objectives concerning the use of local biological and cultural resources through the lens of a locally-driven proposal to establish an eco-cultural tourism enterprise. [...] This research may be beneficial to other communities interested in eco-cultural tourism development or other development activities dependent on local resources use."

More Like Ourselves: Indigenous Capitalism through Tourism [American Indian Quarterly, AIQ]

American Indian Quarterly (AIQ)
Year of publication: 

"Indigenous peoples have been involved with tourism since they first hosted guests through exploratory and early colonial encounters, yet Indigenous ownership and control of such venues is a relatively new phenomenon worldwide. Indigenous tourism encompasses a wide range of experiences, including cultural tourism, ecotourism, adventure tourism, gaming, resorts, and other related services.

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