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Journey To Success – Aboriginal Women’s Business Planning Guide [Native Management Services]

Native Management Services

“This guide is the result of the attention paid to the needs of Aboriginal women entrepreneurs by federal, provincial, territorial and Aboriginal leaders working to strengthen Aboriginal participation in the economy.”

Business Loans [Ulnooweg Development Group Inc.]

Ulnooweg Development Group Inc.

“Most entrepreneurs need some sort of financial support to grow their business to success. Because of that, one of Ulnooweg's most important services is providing business loans as well as providing information on other sources of funding.”

True to Their Visions: An Account of 10 Successful Aboriginal Businesses [Conference Board of Canada]

Conference Board of Canada
Year of publication: 

"Aboriginal business development is a growing trend in Canada that is improving the socio-economic outcomes for Aboriginal peoples by creating jobs and wealth in their respective communities and Canada at large. Aboriginal entrepreneurs are not only making a difference, but making a profit and creating jobs as well. True to Their Visions: An Account of 10 Successful Aboriginal Business sets out to determine the factors that determine whether a business will succeed or fail.

Critical Survival Lessons for Small Businesses: What Kahnawake Based Entrepreneurs Have Learned [Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development, JAED]

Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development (JAED)
Year of publication: 

"The basis for this article is the experience of a number of entrepreneurs at Kahnawake, Quebec. They originally reported what they did in a series of videotaped interviews conducted by Ron Abraira and initiated by Tom O'Connell. These tapes were developed for and are being used as part of an ongoing training program to help those interested in starting or expanding a business in Kahnawake. A range of businesses have been selected, all of which have been operating for at least three years. Morgan's Lobster is a wholesaler of lobsters. Favors is a retailer of party sup- plies.

Aboriginal entrepreneurship on reserves [Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, JSBE]

Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Year of publication: 

"After a review of the general characteristics of Aboriginal businesses on Canadian reserves, the empirical part of this research compares a sample of 22 on-reserve businesses interviewed within four reserves in Northern Ontario to a control sample of 229 businesses from across Northern Ontario. Both samples were surveyed in Spring/Summer 1997 by the Small Business Research Group, from Laurentian University's School of Commerce and Administration.

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