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Canada’s Indigenous Tourism Sector: Insights and Economic Impacts [The Conference Board of Canada, CBOC]

The Conference Board of Canada
Year of publication: 

Five key findings highlighted in the research:

1.Indigenous tourism sector growth is outpacing Canadian tourism activity overall.
• Growth in Indigenous tourism sector employment and GDP is substantially outpacing growth in employment and GDP generated by overall tourism activity in Canada (employment: +18.7% vs +5.1%; GDP: +23.2% vs +12.0%)

Eagles Nest Gaming Palace [Woodstock First Nation]

Woodstock First Nation
Year of publication: 

"The Maliseet Nation at this picturesque community located at the upper part of the St. John River valley is an innovator in the Native gaming and entertainment business and is one of the first facilities in the Maritime Provinces on a first nation to offer a quality and professionally run Texas Hold’em style poker room. Our facility also offers exciting Bingo and Video lotto lounges. Also for your convenience we offer full meal snack bar and smoke shop."

Gaming [Acadia First Nation]

Acadia First Nation
Year of publication: 

Information pertaining to Acadia Frist Nation's gaming facilities.

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