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Identity and the Language of the Classroom: Investigating the Impact of Heritage Versus Second Language Instruction on Personal and Collective Self-Esteem [Stephen C. Wright, Donald M. Taylor]

Journal of Educational Psychology
Year of publication: 

“The connection between heritage language instruction and self-esteem was investigated. Participants were Inuit, White, and mixed-heritage (Inuit-White) children living in a subarctic community. Testing occurred before and after their 1st year in a heritage language or a 2nd language program. Children from all 3 groups who were educated in their heritage language showed a substantial increase in their personal self-esteem, whereas Inuit and mixed-heritage children educated in a 2nd language did not.”

Haida Heritage Centre: "it's here for us to tell our own story from our own perspective” [Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, AANDC]

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Year of publication: 

“Through both the production and display of traditional artwork, the Haida Heritage Centre is truly a living museum, perpetuating culture. See how this multi-function facility teaches community members old and new skills with which to build a new and brighter future.”

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