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Indian Act

First Nations Fiscal Management Act [First Nations Financial Management Board, FNFMB]

First Nations Financial Management Board
Year of publication: 

The First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FMA) is a law that provides First Nations with support and tools to strengthen your community and build your economy. First Nations can choose whether or not to participate in the FMA.

All of our First Nations clients must be scheduled under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FMA).

Income Tax, Investment Income, and the Indian Act: Getting Back on Track [Canadian Tax Foundation, CTF]

Canadian Tax Foundation (CTF)
Year of publication: 

"Recent case law on the application of the tax exemption in section 87 of the Indian Act to Indian investment income has taken a very different approach to the purpose and scope of the exemption from that expressed in the leading decisions from the Supreme Court of Canada.

Indian Act Exemption for Employment Income Guidelines [Canada Revenue Agency, CRA]

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Year of publication: 

This guideline by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) addresses Indian Act exemptions for employment income. The document is broken down into specific guidelines and corresponding examples.

Membertou: Trailblazers in the Atlantic, Case Study [National Center for First Nation Governance, NCFNG]

National Center for First Nation Governance (NCFNG)
Year of publication: 

"Membertou’s impressive economic growth and self-sufficiency over the past 15 years has underlined the limitations of the Indian Act in defining citizens and restricting development due to regulations on land use."

Masters in our Own House: Report of the Think Tank on First Nations Wealth Creation [Skeena Native Development Society]

Skeena Native Development Society
Year of publication: 

"The objective of the Think Tank on Wealth Creation was to examine how wealth is created and how the journey of economic prosperity could be reached in a free market economy on reserve. What conditions and barriers exist that prevent the creation of wealth and prosperity? Inversely, what conditions must exist to build a meaningful and sustainable economy, especially absent from the creation and reliance on characteristics of dependency.

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