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Certificate Courses - Basic Internet Marketing – Audio Course [Native Education and Training College, NETC]

Native Education and Training College

“Whether learners are just getting started in marketing, or they are seasoned marketers just getting started with Internet marketing, they will all take a lot away from this course. Sessions include popular strategies for Internet marketing, leveraging the existing marketing plan and extending it for the Internet, creating influence and deliberately transferring that knowledge to their business, SEO techniques, pay per click advertising, and e-mail marketing campaigns.

Choosing a Business Name [Julie King]

Year of publication: 

“Learn how to choose a great business name - taking growth, the Internet, and legal issues into account.”

Online Training Series [Centre for Women in Business]

Centre for Women in Business
Year of publication: 

"Held each Thursday from Jan. 3 until March 28 from 1pm-2pm, live and recorded training sessions will allow you to enhance your business skills without having to step foot outside! Each are designed and delivered by experts in Internet and social media marketing, branding, customer service and packaging, and feature built-in opportunities for participants to ask questions about any of the topics covered."

Aboriginal Culture in the Digital Age [Public Policy Forum]

Public Policy Forum
Year of publication: 

"As the digital age continues to change Canada's social, political, and economic landscapes, Aboriginal peoples are responding. Having resisted overt assimilation and initiating a process of restoring identity, Aboriginal cultures face new challenges, such as the pervasive reality of information and communications technologies (ICT). These new technologies, especially the Internet, hold promise for Aboriginal nations. If used effectively and harnessed appropriately, ICT can be a valuable tool to propel forward their process of cultural renewal."

Aboriginal Digital Opportunities: Addressing Aboriginal Learning Needs Through the Use of Learning Technologies [Conference Board of Canada]

Conference Board of Canada
Year of publication: 

"Aboriginal Digital Opportunities, explores how Web-based distance education, e-mail and self-directed learning software can promote the development of skills, create economic development opportunities, and enable Aboriginal peoples to participate in the knowledge economy.

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