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Job Creation

The Contribution of Broadband to the Economic Development of First Nations in Canada [Centre for the Study of Living, CSLS]

Centre for the Study of Living
Year of publication: 

“This report represents a first attempt at estimating the impact of broadband on economic development and job creation in First Nations reserves in Canada using econometric techniques. The report offers an up-to-date overview on the state of broadband availability in First Nations reserves, providing both national and provincial breakdowns of the data. It also details the main findings of the literature on the effect of broadband on economic development.”

Creating Wealth and Employment in Aboriginal Communities [Stelios Loizides & Wanda Wuttunee]

The Conference Board of Canada
Year of publication: 

“This study highlights the factors that contribute to successful wealth and employment creation in 10 Aboriginal communities. Identifying strategies for job and wealth creation is important, not only because these communities have traditionally suffered from high unemployment, but also because the size of the Aboriginal working-age population is expected to increase, amplifying the problem.”

List of Financial Aid Programs for Individuals, Firms and Organisations [Jonathan Maheu]

Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones Quebec
Year of publication: 

“This inventory contains a summary of the programs and services of the Government of Québec intended to promote job creation as well as economic and community development. While these programs are intended for all Quebecers, this publication has been designed for Aboriginal people who wish to start up, develop or revitalize their business.

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