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Aboriginal Women in Economic Development [Urban Aboriginal Economic Development, UAED]

Urban Aboriginal Economic Development (UAED)
Year of publication: 

"In October of 2008, the National Network for Urban Aboriginal Economic Development held a National Gathering to identify the next steps in the development of the Network. One critical issue identified in those discussions was the need to ensure a dedicated focus on Aboriginal women in urban areas. The participants recognized that Aboriginal women face particular barriers in becoming active members of the workforce, and in starting up and sustaining business enterprises. Members of the Network identified two key points.

Living rhythms: Lessons in Aboriginal economic resilience and vision [McGill-Queen's University Press]

McGill-Queen's University Press
Year of publication: 

"There are few works on economic development among Canada's Aboriginal. Living Rhythms offers a current perspective on indigenous economics, planning, business development, sustainable development, and knowledge systems. Using a series of cases studies featuring Aboriginal communities and organizations, Wanda Wuttunee shows that their adaptations to economic and social development are based on indigenous wisdom and experience.

The Confrontation of Modern and Traditional Knowledge Systems in Development [Canadian Journal of Communication, CJC]

Canadian Journal of Communication (CJC)
Year of publication: 

"The development project in both capitalist and socialist contexts has augmented the power of technocrats while invalidating alternative knowledge systems rooted in the traditions of local communities, thereby disenfranchising them. Recreating space for the autonomy of such communities requires cross-cultural communication in a collaborative effort to examine the limitations of the reductionist sciences and how they have shaped the development effort. Alternative ways of knowing and ways of sharing knowledge so as to reinforce core community values need to be explored.

Brave Spirits on New Paths: Toward a Globally Relevant Paradigm of Indigenous Entrepreneurship Research [Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, JSBE]

Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Year of publication: 

"This is the first study in a series aimed at strengthening research in the emerging field of Indigenous entrepreneurship. A literature survey revealed two dominant themes: the need to reconcile tradition with innovation and the need to understand how Indigenous world-views and values impact upon enterprise. Four relevant theoretical contexts guided an empirical investigation employing depth interviews with 40 selected opinion leaders representing two cultures: Indigenous Australian and American Indian.

Economic Thinking, Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Ethnoeconomics [Current Sociology]

Current Sociology
Year of publication: 

"One of the limitations of economic development - with its emphasis on unlimited growth - is that it is pursued without any considerations as to its implications on ecosystems. The prevailing economic theories treat the economic process from a purely mechanistic standpoint. Different ways exist, however, to deal with the choices that humans have to make with respect to the allocation of resources, the distribution of its returns and the fulfilment of purposes of material progress.

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