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Getting Started in Business - The information you need to know to start your business on the right foot [Centre for Women in Business]

Centre for Women in Business
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This guide directs the reader to links on the following topics: Is your business idea feasible? Will it be successful?

Improving the Interface between Urban Municipalities and Aboriginal Communities [Canadian Journal of Urban Research]

Canadian Journal of Urban Research
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"The ways in which urban municipalities understand and work within the context of Aboriginal community aspirations and needs will affect the quality of future urban development, in physical, social, economic and cultural sectors. Planning is central to shaping the institutional arrangements to help actualise Aboriginal community aspirations.

Innu Municipal Limited Partnership [Innu Development Limited Partnership ,IDLP]

Innu Development Limited Partnership (IDLP)
Year of publication: 

Partnership between Municipal Enterprises Limited and IDLP, established in April 2009

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