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The Innovative Communities Fund, ICF [Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, ACOA]

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
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The Innovative Communities Fund (ICF) invests in strategic projects that build the economies of Atlantic Canada's communities.Working in partnership with Atlantic communities and stakeholders, ICF builds on the strengths of communities and provides the tools needed to identify opportunities available for their sustainable economic growth.

ICF focuses on investments that lead to long-term employment and economic capacity building in rural communities. Urban initiatives that stimulate the competitiveness and vitality of rural communities may be considered on a selective basis.

Public Works in Small and Rural Municipalities [Institute on Governance, IOG]

Institute on Governance (IOG)
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"A synopsis of how public works - e.g. land-use planning, building codes, roads and bridges, parks and recreation facilities, water and sewage systems and solid waste collection and disposal - are managed in small municipalities across Canada. Instructive in addressing public works issues within Aboriginal communities."

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