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Resource Extraction Development and Well Being in the North: A Scan of the Unique Challenges of Development in Inuit Communities [Mark Buel]

National Aboriginal Health Organization
Year of publication: 

“The Arctic regions of Canada are rich with natural resources. From oil and gas to diamonds and nickel, the North is becoming an attractive destination for resource extraction development. Although development brings money, work, and the potential for Inuit to become more economically self-reliant, development also has the potential to cause many negative social impacts and disruptions to community well-being.”

Aboriginal Head Start in Urban and Northern Communities (AHSUNC) [Public Health Agency of Canada]

Public Health Agency of Canada
Year of publication: 

The Aboriginal Head Start in Urban and Northern Communities (AHSUNC) Program is a community-based children’s program delivered by the Public Health Agency of Canada. AHSUNC focuses on early childhood development (ECD) for First Nations, Inuit and Métis children and their families living off-reserve.

Environmental Studies: Northern Environments & Cultures [Lakehead University]

Lakehead University

This is an interdisciplinary program offered jointly by the Departments of Anthropology and Geography, designed to train graduates to investigate, understand and appreciate issues peculiar to northern environments and cultures. Graduates of the program will have the skills to meet the challenges of environmental and cultural issues faced by communities, industries and services in northern areas.

Northern Natural Resources Technician [College of the North Atlantic, CNA]

College of the North Atlantic
Year of publication: 

The Northern Natural Resources Technician program is designed to produce competent technicians for various wildlife, forestry and fisheries agencies with major emphasis on working in northern ecosystems. The concept of proper management of our natural resources using the principles of sustainable development, integrated resource policy for ecosystem based management has become the norm in our global community.

Indigenous Studies [Carleton University]

Carleton University

Individual scholars at Carleton have carried out research in Northern and Aboriginal issues for several years, often in collaboration with the federal government, Aboriginal organizations, or private agencies. The interdisciplinary program area in Aboriginal Studies and the North brings these scholars together with students from First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities and from Northern Canada. Specialists from various academic disciplines in the university and also from government and other agencies will direct research and supervise theses.

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