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Sample First Nation Operations Manual [Aboriginal Financial Officers Association, AFOA]

Aboriginal Financial Officers Association (AFOA)

A product of AFOA Saskatchewan Chapter - The Sample First Nation Operations Manual focuses on the reporting and financial management responsibilities of a financial officer of an average-sized First Nation. It covers Organizational structure, Government & Administration, Finance, Housing & Public Works, School Programs, Post-secondary Educational Program, Lands & Resources Program, Health Program, CFS Program Social Development Program, Employee Management and Codes of Conduct.

Managing Employees During Tough Times [Canada Business Network, CBN]

Government of Canada
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As a small business owner, you will be faced with difficult choices during turbulent times, such as an economic downturn or a decrease in demand for your product or service. In order to stay competitive, you must streamline operations and offer creative responses to external threats. It is critical to encourage innovation and make the kinds of changes that are necessary to ensure that your business succeeds today and in the future.

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