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Nunavik Youth Hockey Development Program: Helping Youth Stay in School and Out of the Penalty Box [Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, AANDC]

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Year of publication: 

“Children in Nunavik are learning to live healthier, more productive lives, and having a lot of fun doing it. See how the Nunavik Youth Hockey Development Program is helping Nunavik youth stay in school and out of the penalty box.”

Sorting, Peers and Achievement of Aboriginal [Jane Friesen and Brian Krauth]

Canadian Labour Market and Skills Researcher Network
Year of publication: 

This document discusses “administrative data on students in grades 4 and 7 in British Columbia to examine the extent to which differences in school environment contribute to the achievement gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students as measured by standardized test scores. We find that segregation of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students is substantial, and that differences in the distribution of these two groups across schools account for roughly half the overall achievement gap on the Foundation Skills Assessment tests in grade 7.

Why is BC Best? The Role of Provincial and Reserve School Systems in Explaining Aboriginal Student Performance [John Richards]

C.D. Howe Institute
Year of publication: 

“The Commentary discusses three institutional and policy differences between British Columbia and other provinces that may explain its superior outcomes: i) more comprehensive and regular monitoring of Aboriginal student performance in the core competencies of reading, writing and mathematics; ii) incentives for provincial school districts to innovate and consult with local Aboriginal leaders; and iii) the encompassing nature of First Nation institutions providing secondary services to reserve schools.”


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