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Social Development

Social Development Worker [Native Education and Training College, NETC]

Native Education and Training College

“The Social Development Worker program provides you with the knowledge and skills required to make a meaningful contribution in the human service field. You will be challenged to examine your own beliefs and values, develop interpersonal communication skills and promote social justice, human dignity and equity. Your success in this program will be measured by both your ability to grow and change and your academic performance.”

IWCL Case Study Video: St. Mary's Maliseet Nation [Coady International Institute]

Coady International Institute
Year of publication: 

"St. Mary's First Nation is the largest of Maliseet Nations along the St. John River in New Brunswick. The reserve is self-sufficient and boasts community- supported economic social development programs available to members on and off-reserve." Video Case Study.

Living rhythms: Lessons in Aboriginal economic resilience and vision [McGill-Queen's University Press]

McGill-Queen's University Press
Year of publication: 

"There are few works on economic development among Canada's Aboriginal. Living Rhythms offers a current perspective on indigenous economics, planning, business development, sustainable development, and knowledge systems. Using a series of cases studies featuring Aboriginal communities and organizations, Wanda Wuttunee shows that their adaptations to economic and social development are based on indigenous wisdom and experience.

Improving the Interface between Urban Municipalities and Aboriginal Communities [Canadian Journal of Urban Research]

Canadian Journal of Urban Research
Year of publication: 

"The ways in which urban municipalities understand and work within the context of Aboriginal community aspirations and needs will affect the quality of future urban development, in physical, social, economic and cultural sectors. Planning is central to shaping the institutional arrangements to help actualise Aboriginal community aspirations.

Aboriginal Co-Operatives in Canada: A Sustainable Development Strategy Whose Time Has Come [Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development, JAED]

Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development (JAED)
Year of publication: 

"This paper looks at the current state of Aboriginal co-operatives, their characteristics, their sector distribution, and the contributions of Aboriginal co-operatives to regional and community economic and social development. I It examines the possibilities Aboriginal peoples might explore should they consider employing the cooperative model more extensively in meeting one or more of their needs."

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