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Certificate Courses - Marketing with Social Media – Audio Course [Native Education and Training College, NETC]

Native Education and Training College

“Our Marketing with Social Media course is an excellent offering for eLearning! Join us to learn about making social media an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. You’ll have the opportunity to review what your business does with social media already, work on a social media plan, and learn how the 5 P’s of marketing relate to your social media plan. You will also explore social media utilization guidelines for your workplace, expanding your digital presence, selecting a social media team, and doing damage control.

Certificate Courses - Building a Brand on Social Media [Native Education and Training College, NETC]

Native Education and Training College

“This one-day branding training package is an essential addition to your Internet marketing and social media course offerings. We’ve designed an interactive program that will teach participants how to build, implement, review, and revise a social media branding strategy. Topics include key strategy elements, hot social media platforms, brand-focused messages, and social media guidelines. Download a sample today and see how easy your next social media branding workshop can be.”

Online Training Series [Centre for Women in Business]

Centre for Women in Business
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"Held each Thursday from Jan. 3 until March 28 from 1pm-2pm, live and recorded training sessions will allow you to enhance your business skills without having to step foot outside! Each are designed and delivered by experts in Internet and social media marketing, branding, customer service and packaging, and feature built-in opportunities for participants to ask questions about any of the topics covered."

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