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Business Development Program, BDP [Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, ACOA]

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
Year of publication: 

"The Business Development Program (BDP) is designed to help you set up, expand or modernize your business. Focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises, the BDP provides access to capital in the form of interest-free, unsecured, repayable contributions. Not-for-profit organizations that provide support to the business community may also qualify for non-repayable assistance."

Community Economic Development Programs - At A Glance [Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, AANDC]

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC)
Year of publication: 

This chart provides a brief overview of the Community Economic Development Programs available to First Nations Communities provided by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada. The programs include the Community Economic Development Program (CEDP), Community Support Services Program (CSSP), Community Economic Opportunities Program (CEOP), Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB), and Aboriginal Workforce Participation Initiative (AWPI).

Aboriginal Women in Economic Development [Urban Aboriginal Economic Development, UAED]

Urban Aboriginal Economic Development (UAED)
Year of publication: 

"In October of 2008, the National Network for Urban Aboriginal Economic Development held a National Gathering to identify the next steps in the development of the Network. One critical issue identified in those discussions was the need to ensure a dedicated focus on Aboriginal women in urban areas. The participants recognized that Aboriginal women face particular barriers in becoming active members of the workforce, and in starting up and sustaining business enterprises. Members of the Network identified two key points.

First Nations Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Canada [National Centre for First Nations Governance]

National Center for First Nation Governance (NCFNG)
Year of publication: 

"This paper adds to our knowledge base, by: (1) describing the prevailing views on Aboriginal small business and entrepreneurship; (2) defining small business and entrepreneurship in general terms; (3) describing the current state of First Nation entrepreneurship and small business 
development in Canada; (4) listing and discussing some of the challenges that First Nation small business owners and 
entrepreneurs in Canada face, and providing ideas and avenues for the enhanced support 
and promotion of those entrepreneurs thinking about starting a small business; and (5) highlighting and dis

Adolescent Career Development in Urban-Residing Aboriginal Families in Canada [Career Development Quarterly]

Career Development Quarterly
Year of publication: 

"The purpose of this study was to understand how urban-residing Aboriginal adolescent-parent dyads (n = 11) jointly constructed and acted on goals and strategies with their social supports (n = 17) to facilitate the adolescents' career development. A modified protocol following the qualitative action-project method was used. A discrete joint project was identified for each family.

First Nations and Community Economic Development: A Case Study [Community Development Journal, CDJ]

Community Development Journal (CDJ)
Year of publication: 

"A training project in a northern Canadian community provided an opportunity to examine participatory planning approaches and the meaning of work in First Nations communities. Focus groups conducted three years after the unsuccessful intervention of a community economic development (CED) project suggest that complex factors such as lack of support from community leaders and rate of pay for workers determine whether CED is always appropriate in northern, First Nations contexts."

Native Women and Micro-Enterprise [Canadian Woman Studies]

Canadian Woman Studies
Year of publication: 

"Where does female entrepreneurship fit into Canada and its attendant economic environment today? In particular, how do Aboriginal women fare in entrepreneurship, especially at the micro level? What economic and social effects does the work preformed by these women have on themselves and on their communities?"

Minding Our Own Businesses: How to Create Support in First Nations Communities for Aboriginal Business [Aboriginal Business Development Centre, ABDC]

The Centre for Sustainable Community Development at Simon Fraser University
Year of publication: 

"The purpose of the project was to investigate what other First Nations have done to support their small business operators, and to create a process to look at what could be done in your community."

Aboriginal Community Economic Development: Overcoming Barriers to Aboriginal Entrepreneurship [University of British Columbia, UBC]

University of British Columbia (UBC)

"This study explores the question: how can Aboriginal communities foster a supportive climate for Aboriginal entrepreneurs and business start-up? The literature review finds a high degree of compatibility between the characteristics and strategies of community economic development and Aboriginal economic development. The unique aspects of Aboriginal economic development are further examined, including the history of Aboriginal communities, challenges faced, the importance of long-term approaches, cultural issues that impact Aboriginal economic development, and critical success factors.

Getting ready for oil and gas development in Canada's Northwest Territories: aboriginal entrepreneurship and economic development [International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business IJESB]

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Year of publication: 

"This case study uses an interdisciplinary approach to examine Inuit and First Nations perspectives and initiatives to foster sustainable entrepreneurship and economic development related to the forthcoming Mackenzie Gas Pipeline in Canada's Northwest Territories. The 1,220-kilometer pipeline will connect the Mackenzie Delta to the Alberta Oil Sands and North American markets. These findings will be of interest to business, government and Indigenous leaders involved in resource development.


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