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Key Research Issues in Urban Aboriginal Economic Development [Urban Aboriginal Economic Development, UAED]

Urban Aboriginal Economic Development (UAED)
Year of publication: 

"This paper is intended to guide network discussions by identifying an initial set of issues which arise from the academic literature on urban Aboriginal communities. The paper is organized around a series of contexts that confront those as they work to develop their economies, participate in the wage economy, and develop a business sector. These include the socio-demographic context, the jurisdictional context, the policy context, the institutional context and the program context.

Aboriginal Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in Canada: Thoughts on Current Theory and Practice [International Research in the Business Disciplines]

International Research in the Business Disciplines
Year of publication: 

"The first section of this chapter provides a description of the socioeconomic circumstances of Aboriginal people in Canada and the approach to improving these circumstances that began to emerge among them during the closing decades of the 20th Century. As that material shows, entrepreneurship has played a key role in the approach, and it will continue to do so. The second and third sections of the paper examine this approach in more depth.

Indigenous entrepreneurship as a research field: Developing a definitional framework from the emerging canon [International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal]

International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal
Year of publication: 

"This study defines Indigenous entrepreneurship as a distinct disciplinary field of science and charts for it a pre-paradigmatic framework. A strategy of literature search and examination was utilized to argue that Indigenous entrepreneurship is sufficiently distinguished from both mainstream entrepreneurship and other social and management sciences to constitute a legitimate, well-defined sub-field of research in its own right. The study provides both a formal definition of the field and diagrammatic framework to describe it. "

Economic Thinking, Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Ethnoeconomics [Current Sociology]

Current Sociology
Year of publication: 

"One of the limitations of economic development - with its emphasis on unlimited growth - is that it is pursued without any considerations as to its implications on ecosystems. The prevailing economic theories treat the economic process from a purely mechanistic standpoint. Different ways exist, however, to deal with the choices that humans have to make with respect to the allocation of resources, the distribution of its returns and the fulfilment of purposes of material progress.

Towards a Theory of Indigenous Entrepreneurship [International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, IJESB]

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business (IJESB)
Year of publication: 

"Indigenous populations throughout the world suffer from chronic poverty, lower education levels, and poor health. The "second wave" of indigenous development, after direct economic assistance from outside, lies in indigenous efforts to rebuild their "nations" and improve their lot through entrepreneurial enterprise. This paper suggests that there is a distinguishable kind of activity appropriately called "indigenous entrepreneurship". We begin by defining the indigenous population and noting some general facts about their numbers and distribution.

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