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United States

Bilingual Research Journal: The Journal of the National Association for Bilingual Education [V.P. Collier]

Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
Year of publication: 

“This article provides a research synthesis of studies that have examined language-minority students' academic achievement over a period of four or more years, for a comparison with the longitudinal findings on student academic achievement reported in the Ramirez study. One program variable is the focus of this synthesis--the use of a minority language for instructional purposes.

Aboriginal Language Maintenance, Development, and Enhancement [Barbara Burnaby]

Northern Arizona University Press
Year of publication: 

“This paper offers a general review of literature relating to the maintenance, development and enhancement of Aboriginal languages in North America, especially Canada.”

Lessons from Abroad: Towards a New Social Model for Canada's Aboriginal Peoples [Martin Papillon and Gina Cosentino]

Canadian Policy Research Networks Inc.
Year of publication: 

“This paper compares the welfare conditions, policy challenges and opportunities for Aboriginal peoples in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Our objective is to point to some of the common challenges facing Aboriginal social policies in different countries. What can we learn from experiences elsewhere to build Canada’s social knowledge as it relates to Aboriginal peoples?”

We are the Stewards: Indigenous-Led Fisheries Innovation in North America [Joint Occasional Papers on Native Affairs, JOPNA]

Joint Occasional Papers on Native Affairs (JOPNA)
Year of publication: 

"We Are the Stewards reviews the current state of Indigenous-led fisheries management in the United States and Canada, summarizing major trends in Indigenous-led fisheries innovation in North America and presents common keys and challenges to the success of these efforts.

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