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PhD Studies for Aboriginal Scholars (PSAS) [University of Manitoba]

University of Manitoba

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is committed to facilitating the admission of a cohort of 15 Aboriginal students for doctoral studies. The cohort model of delivery will serve Aboriginal Ph.D. students to focus on common critical issues that deserve in-depth research and investigation. Though not a homogeneous group, students will have enough common experiences and goals to meld into a viable learning community. The Aboriginal context is important as a glue that will allow for peer cooperation and support. It will be possible to offer students common courses (if needed) such as indigenous research methodologies, critical paper writing and analysis; and spiritual guidance. The intent is to create a firm foundation that will work for success. With this heightened confidence and awareness, Aboriginal students will be able to contribute to the education of other persons in academia as well. Interdisciplinary and interpersonal communications will promote cohort cohesion for Aboriginal Leadership in a changing globalized community.


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