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Accounting 101: Calculating Financial Ratios [Linda Plater & Julie King]

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“Look at the ratios most commonly used by the bank to assess your credit application”

Business Resources – Starting a Business [Royal Bank of Canada, RBC]

Royal Bank of Canada
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“Want to know an inside secret? The person you should write your business plan for is you, not your banker. Banks use their own objective criteria to make money-lending decisions. Of course, the fact that you have a business plan will definitely count in your favour. You’ll be better prepared with a business plan. Writing it forces you to think through basic questions and lets you fine-tune your ideas.”

First Nations Bank of Canada: Interview with Mr. Keith Martell, Chair of the Board of Directors [Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development, JAED]

Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development (JAED)
Year of publication: 

"On December 9, 1996, the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) and TO Bank officially launched the First Nations Bank of Canada. The First Nations Bank of Canada is a schedule II chartered bank that serves Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal customers throughout Canada. It is the first such bank of its kind in North America, conceived, packaged and developed by Aboriginal People for Aboriginal People.

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