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Bear River

The Process of Mi'kmaq Community-Based Development: A Case Study of the Bear River Mi'kmaq Npisunewawtu'j (Medicine Trail) Project [Collections Canada]

Collections Canada
Year of publication: 

"This study focuses on the process of a Mi'kmaq community-based development project entitled the Beur River Mi'kmaq Npisiinewmvfi~ (Medicine Trail) Project. The project is community-based and is focused on the cultural revitalization of traditional Mi'kmaq plant knowledge through the medium of an interpretive hiking trail. The main objective of this research was to document the conception and development of the project as a case study that illustrates the process of culture based Mi'kmaq community development."

Tourist and Host Perspectives on Mi'kmaw Cultural Tourism in Nova Scotia [Dalhousie University]

Dalhousie University
Year of publication: 

"This research examines the Mi'kmaw cultural tourism industry in Nova Scotia and identifies how it is meeting the demands and- needs of both tourists and the Mi'kmaw people. Surveys assessed tourist interests, motivations, expectations, and satisfaction in participating in authentic Mi'kmaw tourism. Subsequently, interviews with Mi'kmaw people involved or interested in Mi'kmaw cultural tourism elicited ideas about cultural tourism development and its future sustainability.

L'sitkuk Gas Bar and Convenience Store [Bear River First Nation]

Bear River First Nation

Information about the L'sitkuk Gas Bar and Convenience Store

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