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Economic Thinking, Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Ethnoeconomics [Current Sociology]

Current Sociology
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"One of the limitations of economic development - with its emphasis on unlimited growth - is that it is pursued without any considerations as to its implications on ecosystems. The prevailing economic theories treat the economic process from a purely mechanistic standpoint. Different ways exist, however, to deal with the choices that humans have to make with respect to the allocation of resources, the distribution of its returns and the fulfilment of purposes of material progress.

Dances with Dependency: Out of Poverty through Self-Reliance [Ravencrest Publishing]

Cubbie Blue Publishing, Inc.
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"Dances with Dependency offers effective strategies to eliminate welfare dependency and help eradicate poverty among indigenous populations. Beginning with an impassioned and insightful portrait of today’s native communities, it connects the prevailing impoverishment and despair directly to a “dependency mindset” forged by welfare economics. To reframe this debilitating mindset, it advocates policy reform in conjunction with a return to native peoples’ 10,000-year tradition of self-reliance based on personal responsibility and cultural awareness."

Agricultural Economics [Dalhousie University]

Dalhousie University
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Economics - The scientific study of choices in regard to the alternative uses of scarce resources to satisfy wants. So what does that mean? It means that economists study the needs of individuals and society and work to find the best methods of sharing and distributing these resources. The demand for food and agricultural products domestically and world-wide is growing, and as such the need for economic understanding of the demand for food and the supply of food is crucial. You will be studying economic factors and developing solutions related to these types of issues.

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