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2008 & 2009 Economic Development Office: Indian Residential School Survivors Financial Management Workshop [Pabineau First Nation]

Pabineau First Nation
Year of publication: 

Two day workshop that focused on personal fiances, banking, investing, budgeting, wills and estates, frauds and scams.

Finance Department [Membertou First Nation]

Membertou First Nation

"Over the past number of years, Membertou has grown both economically and financially. Over the past 11 years, Membertou’s budget has grown from 4 million dollars to an incredible 65 million today! With the elimination of all operating deficits, Membertou has ended its fiscal year in a positive cash flow with its 6th consecutive surplus and largest to date. "

Economic Development [Acadia First Nation]

Acadia First Nation
Year of publication: 

"Enhancing the quality of living for Acadia First Nation members and their families through community and social development."


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