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Land Claims

Poster: Restoring Indigenous Land Title: A Story of Property Ownership and Title [First Nations Tax Commission, FNTC]

First Nations Tax Commission
Year of publication: 

A visual account of land ownership and laws from pre-contact to present day. Includes key Supreme Court decisions such as DELGAMUUKW DECISION and TSILHQOT’IN DECISION.

The Indigenous Land Claims in New Zealand and Canada: From Grievance to Enterprise [Robert B. Anderson and Corinne Barnett]

The Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy
Year of publication: 

“This paper explores the struggle by Indigenous people in Canada and New Zealand for the recognition of their rights to their traditional lands and resources and the role that these resources are expected to play, and indeed have played, in providing Aboriginal people and Maori the capacity to pursue development on their terms both economically and as ‘nations’ with Canada and New Zealand.”

Strengthening Corporate-Aboriginal Relations: The Influence of Public Policies and Institutions

Conference Board of Canada
Year of publication: 

"Although they express optimism, Canadian executives see more barriers than enablers in the public policies and institutions that influence their economic relationships with Aboriginal people.

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