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Land Use

Membertou: Trailblazers in the Atlantic, Case Study [National Center for First Nation Governance, NCFNG]

National Center for First Nation Governance (NCFNG)
Year of publication: 

"Membertou’s impressive economic growth and self-sufficiency over the past 15 years has underlined the limitations of the Indian Act in defining citizens and restricting development due to regulations on land use."

Can Aboriginal Land Use and Occupancy Studies Be Applied Effectively in First Management? A State of Knowledge Report [Sustainable Forest Management Network, SFMN]

Sustainable Forest Management Network (SFMN)
Year of publication: 

"In this report we seek to clarify some of the uncertainty and questions around land use studies and to consider how information about Aboriginal use and occupancy of lands can be better integrated into forest management. The report is based on a review of nearly 100 studies and documented experiences of Aboriginal land use studies, supported by workshops bringing together researchers and practitioners representing Aboriginal peoples, forestry companies, and governments."

False Myths and Indigenous Entrepreneurial Strategies [Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship]

Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Year of publication: 

"This paper discusses the theme of indigenous entrepreneurship by exploring some false assumptions repeated not only in the popular press, but also by many academics and policy makers, related to the purported perspective of Native American populations regarding property rights, entrepreneurial behavior, and the productive use of environmental resources.

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