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Native American

Effective Language Education Practices and Native Language Survival [Dick Littlebear]

Native American Language Issues
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“It is difficult for our Native American languages and cultures to survive and it will get more difficult. One of the reasons for this increasing difficulty for Native language groups is that we are in the midst of a cultural transition which has demeaned our languages and cultures. However, remember that our cultures have proven their ability to survive and adapt over the past thousands of years when they have undergone other cultural transitions. Let us not allow this present cultural transition to be any different.

Native American Language Immersion: Innovative Native Education for Children and Families [Janine Pease-Pretty on Top]

American Indian College Fund

“This study is for people who want Native American languages to not only survive, but also prosper and be so strengthened that they remain relevant and conversationally useful indefinitely. Saving and further strengthening our Native languages is the very same as saving our own core cultural beings while helping instill a long-neglected sense of pride and self-worth in our peoples.”

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