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Development of Aboriginal People's Community [Captus Press]

Captus Press
Year of publication: 

"This book traces and analyses the recent evolution in thinking about the development of aboriginal people's communities. Since 1969, aboriginal people have set three goals for the future -- economic self-reliance, self-government, and cultural autonomy. Examples discussed in this book illustrate the central issues in economic, political and cultural development, how aboriginal people view those issues, and how they have set about solving development problems.

Rebuilding First Nations: Tools, Traditions and Relationships [Simon Fraser University, SFU]

Simon Fraser University (SFU)
Year of publication: 

The tools, traditions and relationships that it takes to re-build First Nations, to realize good governance, were the three key elements discussed at the Aboriginal Financial Management Association of B.C.- INAC conference on Governance and Accountability, held in Vancouver, June 10-11, 2002.

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