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Status, Class and the Politics of Canadian Aboriginal Peoples [Studies in Political Economy]

Studies in Political Economy
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"These comments express concerns of First Nations about their status in the economy, society and polity of Canada. Status may refer to a number of things: particular cultures or lifestyles; entitlement to or enjoyment of rights, privileges, legal capacities or powers granted by the state; or the awarding or denial of social honour or prestige. All three have been prominent in the North American Aboriginal experience."

Aboriginal Economic Development in the Shadow of the Borg [Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development, JAED]

Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development (JAED)
Year of publication: 

"....document, examine, and reflect on the transitions in Aboriginal society that I see going on around me. As a society, we are starting to move away from the time of great pain and to lay the foundations for what I have come to call "modern Aboriginal society." Across the country, I see a strong desire to build Aboriginal communities on a foundation of Aboriginal tradition, custom, and ideas. Accomplishing this goal is difficult as a result of our position as Aboriginal peoples as a small minority within an environment dominated by western ideas.

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